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5 Benefits of a Whole Home Audio System

Tune in to Your Favorite Music With Smart Audio in Your South Haven, MI Smart Home

5 Benefits of a Whole Home Audio System


When you wake up, when you’re preparing a family meal or when you’ve finally gotten a chance to relax at the end of the day, your music enhances every moment of your life at home. Never miss a beat with a whole home audio system designed to stream your favorite tunes throughout all of your spaces. Smart audio can be programmed to help set the scene for any occasion. Read on to find out how you can transform your home with the ultimate sound experience.


TAGS: Dedicated Listening Room | Smart Audio | whole home audio

How Can Automated Lighting Control Enhance Your Smart Home?

Craft Safer and More Beautiful Spaces in Your Michigan Property

How Can Automated Lighting Control Enhance Your Smart Home?

Automated lighting control is an essential part of any smart home system. Whether you are looking to enhance the security of your property, cultivate more beauty in your spaces or simply enjoy your home in a whole new way, smart lighting gives you a simple, one-touch option to transform the way you see your house. Read on to see why automated lighting is a bright idea.

TAGS: Automated lighting control | smart home | Smart Lighting | smart lighting control

How to Choose the Right TV to Watch the Big Game?

Enjoy the BIG Game in Your West Michigan Home

How to Choose the Right TV to Watch the Big Game?

Football & 4K – When it comes to choosing the right TV to watch the BIG game...size, sound & set-up matter!

4K, HDR, 3D…There are a lot of choices out there that offer stunning imagery, so how do you know which is the “best” and which one is right for you?  There’s actually a lot more to it than pixels alone. 

8,294,400, to be exact.

We’ve heard that 4K is the ultimate in pixel count, but what does that mean to me?  More pixels displayed on the screen at once means more details, which means a sharper, crisper picture.  Imagine 4 times the resolution of full 1080p – over 8 million pixels filling the screen!

Ok, but we learned when HD was introduced that the capabilities of the unit didn’t matter 

TAGS: 4K Video | Custom Home Theater | Home Theater | Lighting Control | Media Room | Smart Home

How Does Automation Enhance the Beauty of Your Smart Home?

Add Style and Elegance to Your Michigan Home With Integrated Automation

How Does Automation Enhance the Beauty of Your Smart Home?

Smart surveillance systems, robust whole home audio equipment and intuitive lighting fixtures: sure, these things can add convenience and safety to your property, but they sound like an aesthetic nightmare. But the truth is, not only can you integrate smart home automation to be unobtrusive, it can actually add style and elegance to each of your spaces. Whether you want to enhance the décor of your family room, wake up to the dulcet tones of your favorite musician or enjoy your outdoor spaces like never before, integrated technology can make your home more beautiful and fun. Read on to find out how smart automation can enhance the way you see, hear and feel your property.

TAGS: smart home automation | smart home technology | Smart Shading