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Articles in Category: Home Theaters Michigan

How to Choose the Right TV to Watch the Big Game?

Enjoy the BIG Game in Your West Michigan Home

How to Choose the Right TV to Watch the Big Game?

Football & 4K – When it comes to choosing the right TV to watch the BIG game...size, sound & set-up matter!

4K, HDR, 3D…There are a lot of choices out there that offer stunning imagery, so how do you know which is the “best” and which one is right for you?  There’s actually a lot more to it than pixels alone. 

8,294,400, to be exact.

We’ve heard that 4K is the ultimate in pixel count, but what does that mean to me?  More pixels displayed on the screen at once means more details, which means a sharper, crisper picture.  Imagine 4 times the resolution of full 1080p – over 8 million pixels filling the screen!

Ok, but we learned when HD was introduced that the capabilities of the unit didn’t matter 

TAGS: 4K Video | Custom Home Theater | Home Theater | Lighting Control | Media Room | Smart Home

How Can Automated Lighting Transform Your Dedicated Home Theater?

Create the Perfect Space for Enjoying Your Favorite Films in Your Michigan Smart Home

How Can Automated Lighting Transform Your Dedicated Home Theater?

Light is one of the most important aspects of your home theater. After all, what’s a movie if not light projected on a screen? But too much light in your space can wash out the image on the screen and ruin your viewing experience. That’s why automated lighting is ideal for your theater spaces, whether you are inside or out. Read on to find out how smart lighting can enhance your cinema environment.  

TAGS: automated lighting | home theater | landscape lighting | lighting installation | soft lighting scheme

Connect Your Entire House Including Your Home Theater System

Automation Design + Entertainment is Your Michigan Integration Expert

Connect Your Entire House Including Your Home Theater System

Designing a state-of-the-art home theater system requires advanced knowledge in several different areas. To create perfect performance, you need a perfect set up.

The truth is, whether you are remodelling an existing space or constructing a new home, you’re going to need a technology professional to collaborate with interior designers, architects, electricians, and others in order to achieve the home theater of your dreams. We can to guide you through the process.

In this blog, we’ll show you why it’s important to hire a certified professional for your entertainment needs.

TAGS: Custom Home Theater | Home Technology Integrator

Three Custom Home Theater Considerations

Automation Design + Entertainment, Your Local Theater Experts

Three Custom Home Theater Considerations

Want life-size action right in front of you? We’ve got you covered. Want dramatic music that transports you to another time? We can do that. Want a spectacular view with stunning color and contrast? Done and done. The experts at Automation Design + Entertainment have designed and installed many custom home theaters throughout Michigan and are poised to do the same for you and your family. Below we’ve highlighted a few aspects for you to consider when daydreaming about the ultimate entertainment space.

TAGS: Bowers & Wilkins | Digital Projection | Home Entertainment Space | Stewart Flimscreen