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Sound Management, Unmasked

Sound Management, Unmasked

When designing a space, all aspects need to be considered to ensure a comfortable, pleasing environment. This includes features such as lighting, temperature, and especially, noise. By eliminating noise distractions and increasing comfort, sound masking has been proven to increase worker productivity in open office environments. In addition, it creates privacy of enclosed meeting and office spaces from common areas, rendering speech unintelligible. This makes it a desirable solution for doctors’ offices, law offices, financial institutions, hotel lobbies and more.

TAGS: Grand Rapids | Holland | Kalamazoo | Michigan | Noise control | Sound Management | Sound Masking

Lossless Audio - Coming to a Stream Near You!

The music you play is as important as what you play it on and what you play it through. If better ingredients make a better pizza, then the truest, cleanest, highest bit rate content will yield the best sound when “baked” under all the right conditions (connections, components, calibrations). Analog may be the “original”, but accessing vinyl presents a challenge. But the tides are changing.

TAGS: audiophile | hi-end audio | hi-fi | Lossless audio | music streaming | vinyl