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A Viewing Experience that Transports You to The Stadium

A Viewing Experience that Transports You to The Stadium

Throughout the year, sports fans huddle in living rooms around their televisions, cheering on their favorite team. This summer is no exception. With the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the US Open and the College World Series all taking place, a prime audio-video setup is key for the most immersive, bright and connected viewing experience.

The options are endless -- even overwhelming at times. LED or OLED? Or maybe a big-screen 4K projector is more your speed? And what audio setup will deliver that surrounding, immersive audio experience? What’s more, there’s your cable or streaming service to consider. 

Regardless of the setup you choose, a few things are clear: for the ultimate viewing experience, you’ll need a large screen with a clear, bright picture with fluid motion displays, a clean setup so as not to have clunky speakers or wires distract you from the on-screen action, and a strong network capability and technical support to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

If a TV-based setup is what you’re looking for, some key features to look for are motion smoothing technology and color accuracy, as well as bright picture, since most of us will be watching games during the daytime. If you’re dedicated to the ultimate immersive, realistic experience, a home theater with custom seating, a large screen projector with 4K HD and surround sound will help you feel thrown into the game. Rather be outside soaking up the West Michigan summertime? An outdoor setup equipped with weatherproof television and speakers would allow you to extend your entertaining pool or lakeside. 

Whether you’re a dedicated fan looking for the most high-tech, immersive experience possible or hosting your first watch party, you’ll need an experienced team of professionals to help ensure your home -- whether inside or out -- is equipped with the best technology and support to feel like you’ve been transported to the stadium.