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Automation Design + Entertainment Can Help You Create Opportunity through Collaboration

Boardroom Technology Brings Colleagues Together

Automation Design + Entertainment Can Help You Create Opportunity through Collaboration

People walk into a boardroom to communicate, connect, and collaborate. But what happens when you have employees in other offices or remote locations? With the right boardroom technology, you can ensure everyone stays connected regardless of their locations. Automation Design + Entertainment can give your Michigan business smart solutions and the ability to leverage your best resources – your people.

Get everyone on the same page

Whether everyone is gathered in the conference room or employees are dialing-in remotely, you can enhance team productivity with an interactive whiteboard system. With digital content, you’ll facilitate natural interaction among employees. Write with a pen or your finger and erase with your fist. Since whatever you write is captured digitally, your written content can be saved and later emailed to participants. In addition, you can open documents, launch applications and navigate the Internet straight from your whiteboard. A multi-user system allows two people to write, erase, and manipulate objects at the same time. As a result, meetings are more productive and employees can communicate more effectively with one another.

Create a sound environment

One of the most overlooked elements of meeting rooms is the acoustics. When a room is properly engineered for sound, it helps create an immersive experience where participants are fully engaged in the presentation or conversation. With the right acoustics, excessive loudness from music and speech is controlled and unwanted echoes and reverberations are mitigated. A properly engineered boardroom mixes highly-aesthetic acoustical materials that match your décor and also provide a sound solution. The experts at Automation Design + Entertainment will create an environment that takes into account the space, the audience, and the technology.

Don’t be restricted by the four walls of your conference room, or the dusty flip chart sitting in the corner. Contact us to learn how our team can create a more collaborative space in your business.