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Automation Design + Entertainment Teams up with Greg Jennings on the Ultimate Home Control System

Kalamazoo Integrators Make Super Bowl Champ the MVP of his Family’s Entertainment

Automation Design + Entertainment Teams up with Greg Jennings on the Ultimate Home Control System

Earlier this month the team at Automation Design + Entertainment again got the chance to work with Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings on a home automation project. Four years earlier the team installed an ELAN system with house-wide audio for the Jennings family. When ELAN g! was introduced, integrator Peter Cook knew that Jennings needed to see it.

“ELAN’s recent advancements in usability, component support, streaming music service support and the newer touchpanels and remotes make it one of the best home control systems available,” Cook said. “Greg and his family loved their existing ELAN system, so it was natural to recommend he check out the new functions and the new control app. The mobile accessibility is a huge benefit, especially for someone who travels a lot, and the seamless integration with his HAI security system and HAI thermostats give him complete mobile control and accessibility. They no longer have to wonder if the house is okay, because they have eight cameras that they can check in on anytime, anywhere.”

Jennings agrees that the remote access is one of the most valuable aspects. “As a family that travels a lot and spends a good portion of the year away from this home, the remote access capabilities are very important to us,” says Jennings. “When I’m home, my favorite part of the system is the multi-room audio because my whole family loves their own music. Then when we’re away, it’s incredible to be able to check our cameras and security system no matter where we are. We love the peace of mind it offers.”

Jennings and his family were so impressed with the team at Automation Design + Entertainment that they hired them a second time to make the necessary upgrades to the system. “I stay in touch with them pretty regularly, so when they told me about some of the expanded features of the new ELAN g! system, I worked with them to install the equipment and touchpanels I needed to bring my system up to speed,” says Jennings. “Now that it’s identical to use the system through the wall-mounted touchpanels and our mobile devices it’s easier than ever.”

As many parents know, having four kids under age 8 can be quite a handful, especially if you want to entertain guests. For Jennings, having many of his home’s subsystems integrated and controllable from an iPhone makes managing everything as simple as can be, so he has more time to focus on his family and guests. It also occasionally gives him an opportunity to have a bit of fun even if he isn’t in the room, as happened at a recent party.

“We entertain family and friends pretty often for Sunday dinners, and it’s so convenient to have control of everything from my iPhone,” he said. “That way if the music is too loud or the lights are too dim I can adjust it without leaving the room or interrupting a conversation.”

Multi-room audio is the biggest trend in home electronics, and Jennings system was designed to offer each member of family the best possible listening experience. The most important part of his audio system is that it’s also multi-source, so each room can play different music at the same time. And the system is so easy to operate that his 7-year-old can even choose her own music on an iPad.

“It’s so nice to have individual control over each room, even if it’s just so I don’t have to listen to the Frozen soundtrack for the hundredth time,” Jennings joked.

Whether it’s a new install or an upgrade to your current system the Michigan-based experts at Automation Design + Entertainment promise to transform your home into a fun and exciting place to live, work, and play.