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BBQs Are Better with Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Michigan Integrator Recommends Ways to Enhance Your Backyard

BBQs Are Better with Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Step outside into your backyard. Now close your eyes. What do you hear? Perhaps birds chirping as they scour the ground for worms. Leaves rustling as a gentle breeze whisks past. The faint sound of a lawnmower emanating from a neighbor’s yard. Now imagine the sound of light jazz playing in the background as you sip wine and relax with friends on a beautiful summer evening. How about a pool party with the kids listening to your favorite iTunes playlist, or a Sunday afternoon BBQ watching your favorite baseball team? With outdoor audio video solutions and products from Samsung, we can help you transform your patio, backyard or pool deck into the ultimate entertainment space.

While there are a lot of portable Bluetooth audio systems available, these solutions can be a letdown when you go from a killer indoor audio set up to a few cheap speakers placed around the edge of the patio. We recommend you fill your backyard with quality speakers built specifically for the outdoors. There are a variety of options and styles, from in-wall and in-ceiling models to rock shaped and in-ground speakers. Based on your outdoor space, we’ll recommend a few different options and put together a placement plan that will provide the best sound regardless of where in the yard you are. We’ll also provide you with a means to easily control all of your music.

Don’t limit your TV viewing to the family room. With an outdoor TV designed to withstand the rigors of Mother Nature you can watch your favorite AMC show or Bloomberg Television, poolside. We can design and install an outdoor sports bar with three screens so you never miss a game. Does your patio have a fireplace? We’ll install a flat screen just above it, hidden inside a cabinet. Once you select the right outdoor TV for your space, the next factor to consider is its placement. Due to the sun’s changing position throughout the day, the ability to view your screen without glare is essential. Screen size is another important factor to consider since often viewers are further away from the TV.

If you want to increase your ROI in terms of enjoyment, then you’ve come to right place. Let us help you put together an entertainment system outside that will have you hosting parties all summer long. Contact us to learn more about the various available options.