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Creating a smart bathroom for a smart home

Creating a smart bathroom for a smart home

Think about a smart home. What comes to mind? A sleek TV that blends in to your living room decor, seamlessly hidden control panels, outlets and speakers throughout your living spaces - maybe a security monitoring system or two by exterior doors. But you probably didn’t think about a smart bathroom. 

As smart as your other living spaces

It’s easy to want the best tech and most beautiful design for your living room, dining room and outdoor spaces, but what about the rooms you actually live in. Most homeowners place such an emphasis on their living spaces - only considering those in which they entertain guests. 

Think about just how much time you spend living in your bathroom. It’s probably the first place you go when you wake up, and the last place you go before crawling into bed. You pamper yourself here, you get ready for the day here - not to mention the necessary nature of it in the first place. So why haven’t you made your bathroom just as smart, if not smarter, than the rest of your home? All signs point to futuristic bathrooms making their way into everyday homes - so for resale value (and comfort’s sake), bring the future to 2018. 

When technology meets the tub

Technology exists for every purpose and place in your home - including your bathroom. Whether it’s a television mounted by the bathtub, piped-in audio in the shower or a smart mirror to keep entertainment, organization and convenience at your fingertips, consider turning your bathroom into the place you love to live in the most. By implementing the right features into your space, you can create an oasis out of something that used to be just a utility. 

Adding convenience and maximizing comfort

Don’t forget to go beyond entertainment value. Consider the added comfort of adapting the smart home control you already have in the rest of your home into your bathroom. Adjust the temperature, create mood lighting and still have access to your security system so that getting ready in the morning is just as fun as it is necessary.

Regardless of how grand or minimalistic you’d like your bathroom to be, entrust the pros to make sure it’s just as smart as the rest of your home. Need more inspiration before you start? Check out this handy guide to some of 2018’s trends for bathroom tech and design