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Enhance Your Small Business with Smart Home Automation

Find out How Smart Technology Can Transform Your Michigan Home Office

Enhance Your Small Business with Smart Home Automation

For many homeowners, running a business doesn’t have to take place in some far away office building. In the age of information, you can achieve the same level of success right in your own house. Smart home automation gives you the freedom to stay productive. Whether you need a space to finish up extra work at the end of your day, or a place where your clients and patients can feel comfortable, a home office enhanced with smart technology can be the perfect environment to complete all of your projects. Read on to find out how home automation can transform your home office. 

Enhance Your Communication with Audio and Video

If you’re working from a home office, you’ll need to stay connected with all of your coworkers, employees and clients. Enhance your telecommunication abilities with smart home automation. Streaming 4K video to an on-wall monitor, tablet or a smart phone means you can stay connected and see clearly no matter where you are. And a robust in-wall audio system means you can hear everything no matter where you are in the room. Share video, infographics and slideshows with people all over the world without sacrificing any aspect of interpersonal communication. Control it all simply and conveniently with a strong integrated network by Savant.

Stay Confidential With Smart Lighting and Shading

Smart home automation can also add privacy to your private practice. With one button, you can lower the smart shading on your windows to keep the outside world out and your discussions confidential. Integrate Lutron motorized window treatments with automated lighting to create a professional, private scene that lets your patients and clients feel comfortable and protected. And when seeing your next patient in, raise the shades and lower the lights to create a warm, welcoming environment that will put them at ease.

Create a Welcoming Waiting Room

Of course, a successful small business owner will likely be seeing multiple clients or patients throughout the day. Turn your porch or foyer into a comfortable, welcoming waiting room with smart home automation. An HD intercom system will allow you to answer the door, even if you’re busy with someone else, without leaving the office. A 4K surveillance system will help you keep track of everyone who’s waiting for you. And automated entry systems allow you to remotely unlock the door to let them in when you’re ready to see them. It’s a perfect way to stay secure while remaining hospitable in your home office.

Are you ready to upgrade your Michigan home office with smart home automation? Contact us to get started today!