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Hit a Grand Slam With These Commercial AV Solutions

West Michigan Sports Bar Owners Deserve Reliable Technology

Hit a Grand Slam With These Commercial AV Solutions

This year will be make or break for your sports bar. With the rise of digital food delivery services, more conscious consumers and the negative implications that come with GMOs and gluten-based foods, you’ll likely need to step up your game to retain customers. While we can’t help you with the menu options, we can help you turn your West Michigan dining spaces into a must-visit destination.  Check out some of our commercial AV solutions after the jump.

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Stream the Game With Distributed Video

The Super Bowl may be over, but that doesn’t mean sports fans are taking a break. March Madness is right around the corner, and the NBA Finals will soon be here. Plus, baseball season will be teeing off pretty soon. That means you’ll need plenty of TV monitors to capture all of the excitement. A distributed AV system will let your customers watch every second of every game, without missing anything.

Now that 4K UHD televisions have become affordable additions for any restaurant or bar, there’s no reason you can’t give your patrons the crispest, cleanest looking image available. Sporting an overall resolution four times better than 1080p televisions, your customers could sit as close as five feet away without seeing any pixilation. That means following the ball is easier than ever.

Plus, a distributed video system is easy for any of your employees to take control of with your Crestron system. If they’re taking orders on a tablet, the Crestron app gives them complete remote command of the video system. If a customer wants to change the channel, any server can do it simply, efficiently and quickly without having to carry a different device.   

Distributed Audio is a Sound Solution

You already know you can use a Crestron system to stream music from Spotify, Pandora or Tidal to encourage customers to stay longer and buy more. But why not utilize your distributed audio system to keep track of game commentary? Help your customers engage with their favorite team by providing them with the full experience.

Of course, the main reason most establishments choose music over sports commentary is the simple fact that bars and restaurants are loud. Between the movements of the serving staff to the chatter of the customers, there seems to be little room for the sounds of the game to be effectively heard. But with strategically-placed speakers and audio zone distribution, you can have both a musical soundtrack and full in-game audio.

Speaker placement is key for clear audio that’s not disruptive to conversation. Evenly placed throughout your business, you can determine what your customers hear in the different areas of the space. If a group is especially excited about a game, let them listen to the announcers at a low, yet audible volume. If the next table over is just there to party, choose a playlist and let them enjoy it without disturbing anyone else. Everyone will respond positively to their uniquely customizable experience.

Are you ready to upgrade your West Michigan bar or restaurant with intelligent, integrated commercial AV solutions? Contact us today to get started!