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How Can Automated Lighting and Shading Transform Your Outlook?

Automation Design + Entertainment Examines the Possibilities

How Can Automated Lighting and Shading Transform Your Outlook?

If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your property appeal, make your life easier AND reduce your energy costs at the same time, then Automation Design + Entertainment has your lighting solutions. Whether you’re constructing a new home or retrofitting your current residence (or office), we have the solutions for introducing basic home automation to get you acclimated…such as lighting control!

Automation Design + Entertainment offers a variety of lighting control products that employ wireless technologies.  And we’ll walk you through all the lighting options currently at your disposal in Kalimazoo, Michigan or Goshen, Indiana or just about anywhere in the Midwest.

If you haven’t experienced the convenience of integrated lighting and shade control, you have yet to discover what technology integration can do for your day-to-day living experience.

Set the Mood

Reading a book or working on the computer? Block the distracting glare from intrusive sunlight and lower your shades with the press of one convenient button.

Lighting control systems can also automatically convert the mood of any room, setting the scene for preset events like “intimate dinner” or “family game night”, so only the fixtures you need come on, in the colors you’ve set for that scene. Or if you get up at night and walk to the kitchen, and the lights in your path automatically fade on and off so you don’t have to feel around for controls or awaken anyone with glaring hallway lights at full power. A dimly lit home can transform form “Daytime” to “Entertain” all with one touch on a tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need for running through the house and flipping switches.

Security and Outdoor Lighting

With astronomical timers, lights turn on automatically at dusk and adjust the settings to coincide with the changing daily sunset. Lighting and shades can be preset to automatically turn on while you are away, creating the illusion of occupancy and deterring unwanted visitors. Motion sensors are also available to illuminate your landscape when a guest arrives. A “Welcome Home” event can even be programmed to turn all lights when you enter your custom code through your electronic door lock –never enter a dark home again!

Home Automation

Your lights and shades can be integrated to interact with other home systems such security systems, thermostats and whole-house control and automation systems to maintain an optimized temperature and economize energy use.  What better time to explore the world of smart home control systems than while exploring the options for total lighting control. 

A comprehensive home automation and control system makes it easy for you to control how a room reacts to your presence––whether it be to automatically turn on the lights and play music when you walk in, or turn off all the technology when you leave.

Is there any part of the home you can’t make “smart?” More and more homes (and apartments and resorts, etc.) are being constructed with responsive technologies built in. Automation  Design + Entertainment is ready to show you all the options available, whether for a simple installation of remote controlled shades, programmed lighting options, or a whole-home makeover to get you ready for future technology upgrades. Give AD + E a call and we’ll show you how easy upgrading to a “smart” home can be!