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How Can Automated Lighting Transform Your Dedicated Home Theater?

Create the Perfect Space for Enjoying Your Favorite Films in Your Michigan Smart Home

How Can Automated Lighting Transform Your Dedicated Home Theater?

Light is one of the most important aspects of your home theater. After all, what’s a movie if not light projected on a screen? But too much light in your space can wash out the image on the screen and ruin your viewing experience. That’s why automated lighting is ideal for your theater spaces, whether you are inside or out. Read on to find out how smart lighting can enhance your cinema environment.  

See Clearly with In-Wall and Overhead Lights

In order to get comfortable and enjoy a movie in your home theater, you’ll need a soft lighting scheme that’s easy to control. Recessed, indirect overhead and in-wall lighting illuminates the room without taking up space. One touch controls allow you to dim or raise the lights with a single button. Plus, you can group them into zones so that if you have to move, you can raise specified sections to minimize the disruption to the movie. Moreover, you can integrate the lighting with your movie controls, so you can pause the movie and turn on the lights simultaneously.  

Find Your Way with Floor Lights

Of course, commercial theaters don’t raise the lights every time you need to get up, and you don’t have to either. Floor lighting is an elegant solution that shows you where you’re going without washing out the image. If your preference is minimalistic, track lighting can be laid along designated walking areas to keep you and your family safe in the dark. Also, you can integrate all of your lighting into “scenes,” so you’re just one touch away from lowering overhead lights, raising floor lights, turning up your surround sound and starting the movie.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Landscape Lights

There’s no reason to be cooped up inside this summer. When the weather is warmer, there’s no better way to watch your favorite flicks than while enjoying your outdoor spaces. With a hidden outdoor audio system and a weather resistant screen and projector, you can create the ultimate area to view a film with family and friends. And by integrating a beautiful landscape lighting set-up throughout your yard, you’ll have the perfect outdoor room to enjoy summer movie nights.

And whether you’re inside or out, a great thing to keep in mind when building a dedicated theater that might suffer from too much light: invest in a high contrast dark grey or black screen, rather than the traditional white. High contrast screens are designed specifically to reject any light not coming directly from the projector, and some can even be enjoyed in a fully-lit room or yard without ruining the picture.

Are your ready for an illuminating experience in your Michigan home theater? Contact us today to begin designing the perfect lighting installation for your home theater or throughout your entire home.