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How Project Changes Affect a Room’s Design

How Project Changes Affect a Room’s Design

You had the perfect system designed. The projector will elegantly drop from the ceiling on a scissor-lift, positioned exactly to occupy the space of an acoustic ceiling tile. Once installed, it will display engaging content at the optimal scale to meet the viewing requirements of the room’s occupants. The equipment has been ordered and the trades are all scheduled. There’s just one problem; a request has been made to change the light fixture and consequently, its location, placing it directly in front of the projector.  Although it may seem like a simple change, repositioning the projector may require a specialized projector lens be added or a custom scissor-lift be created, along with having the electrical drop relocated and moving any other affected ceiling features. Audio visual systems are an integral part of room design and changes to the room’s ceiling, flooring, walls or furnishings may cause a ripple effect resulting in costly change orders.

A typical video conferencing-enabled space features either a projection system or wall display, microphones, speakers, room control devices and AV equipment. These elements are part of an engineered system each with precise locations carefully documented in the architectural plans. If, for example, a larger conference room table is specified, additional in-ceiling speakers and microphones may be required for even coverage. Placement of these components may influence other ceiling features such as lighting, fire sprinklers, HVAC, occupancy sensors, etc. Based on the table’s dimensions, it is likely that the pedestals will be wider, requiring relocation of floor boxes for power and connectivity. While these issues can be resolved through redesign and coordination with other trades, they impact the project’s timeline and budget.

Change orders result from a variety of factors. Furnishings that were specified months earlier may be discontinued or the client or designer may request a change for any number of reasons.  Regardless of the reason, collaboration among stakeholders at the onset of change is the key to successful project outcomes.