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How to Have a Kid-Friendly Smart Home

How to Have a Kid-Friendly Smart Home

Smart technology for children is often synonymous with smartphones, tablets, and other ways to keep them entertained. What a lot of folks don’t realize is the safety and everyday living benefits of having smart tech incorporated into your home.

Smart tech protects your kids

Let’s face it. Your number one priority is protecting your kids, especially where any technology is concerned. It’s no longer uncommon for kids to come home from school to an empty house, but now you have options to keep an eye on them and make sure they’ve gotten home safely even when you’re away.

Enabling door and window sensors that alert you when your child has arrived home safely give you peace of mind, while a smart door lock enables you to let them in when they’ve locked themselves out. You can even consider integrating your home with cameras and two-way communication abilities to greet them as they enter your home, as well as keep intruders away. For more security, consider keeping all of these controls in the palm of your hand so you know whether or not they were home for curfew, to let in the babysitter, or see if there are any unwanted visitors at the door.

Lighting and shade control 

We all know blackout shades help with movie-watching and energy-saving, and it’s no secret that timed lighting can help keep intruders away, but have you considered the impact light has on your daily routine? Imagine integrating lighting and shade control into your home that will help ease your children into their nightly routine - signaling time to get in bed or wind down with a book. You can even set custom settings for the smallest members of your family to help ease that fear of the dark. Consider adding controls for extra help in the morning when they can’t get up from just the sound of the alarm. 

Optimize your network

Smart technology is more than just an ability to keep your family and belongings safe - we can help you optimize your home and network capability for gaming, family holiday parties, and personalized settings for everyone in your home. By setting up a VPN, firewalls, and parental controls for things like time limits, you can keep them safe, while also giving them the ability to stream their favorite music or watch a movie while their friends are over.

Consult the pros

We have the expertise and tools to help you integrate the right kid-friendly smart technology into your home. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to set you up with the best systems for your needs.