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Let the Springtime Shine With Outdoor Home Lighting Control

Bright Ideas for Illuminating Your Property

Let the Springtime Shine With Outdoor Home Lighting Control

The spring is here, which means it's time to get outside, start up the grill and enjoy the great outdoor areas of your Grand Rapids, Michigan property. And though the sun is staying out later and later, the party doesn't have to stop after it sets. Home lighting control is the perfect solution for homeowners who love to stay up late, or who just want to add beauty to their yard or pool areas. In this blog, we'll illustrate some great ideas for illuminating your property with easy-to-use, integrated lighting.

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The LED Difference

Beautiful light is easy to see but complicated to produce. In the past, we had to rely on incandescent or fluorescent fixtures for functioning light. For the environmentally conscious homeowners, there were energy-reducing options available, but they didn't provide the best or most attractive illumination. But what if there were a way to achieve clear, bright and long-lasting radiance throughout your home; a fully-customizable option for all of your spaces? That's the LED difference.

LED, or light emitting diode, has revolutionized home lighting. You probably have an LED TV in your media room, and similar technology can improve your indoor and outdoor fixtures. You can even light up your pool with colorful, customized luminescence.

Not only can LED lighting last for years with constant use (meaning you won't be changing bulbs every few months), but by integrating it with your Vantage control system you can take full advantage of the brightness and color in any space. Imagine your pool glowing with a cool blue luster, or your yard gleaming with green. LED lights integrated into your outdoor spaces mean your home is more beautiful than ever.

Outdoor Entertainment

Once you've installed lighting solutions throughout your yard and pool areas, all that's left to do is indulge in a little partying. Your property is fully prepared to proceed with all kinds of outdoor festivities, like a late-night swim and enjoying the latest sports games.

When swimming at night, safety is the number one concern. Keep an eye on the kids as they take a dip in the pool by raising the underwater lights for maximum visibility. Dim the lights in the surrounding areas so you don't disturb the neighbors, and use your integrated control interface to stream music through a connected outdoor audio system. In case of emergency, make quick changes to the brightness or color of the light with a single touch on your tablet or smartphone.

Over on the deck, set up the ultimate outdoor home theater by dimming the lights and starting the television with the same device you use to control the pool area. Stream the NBA Finals or the beginning of baseball season via your media distribution system, and lower the lights in the house so you don't waste energy. When it's time to go back inside, a single touch will turn off the lights and AV equipment outside, and another will raise lights in the house.

Are you ready to integrate home lighting control into your Grand Rapids smart house? Contact us today.