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OLED Flexes its Muscles and Design Capabilities

OLED Flexes its Muscles and Design Capabilities

On-Wall television, once avoided by the Interior Designer at all costs, has thrust itself into the realm of stunning artwork, worthy of being featured, not hidden.  OLEDs of 2017, consuming less power than LED TVs, offer striking blacks & brilliant whites from surfaces no thicker than a credit card!   

While the video technology’s flat, curved or even “wallpaper” configurations allow for incredible flexibility in design options, audio solutions have become equally as creative.  LG’s newest OLED “Wall-Paper”, introduced at CES earlier this year, is so thin and light, it actually mounts to the wall with magnets, leaving no room within the display for audio, AV control, or connection ports.  Their solution is an external, shelf-like sound bar, mounted just below the video display which boasts Active HDR with Dolby Vision as well as spectacular Dolby Atmos for sound.  As you may imagine, professional installation is a must.  While some embrace the sleek design, others would prefer a less conspicuous solution, which is rumored to be in the works. 

Sony has jumped back into the OLED arena, introducing its new Bravia A1 OLED TV, which turns its glass front into a speaker! The “Acoustic Surface” vibrates to create audio. The super-thin design also means there's no need for a traditional stand. Instead, it features a pop-out lean-style stand, similar to that of a tablet.

Samsung deviated from OLED by developing QLED which features a “reinvented Quantum Dot technology.”  Truly designer-friendly, it comes with “invisible connection” for nearly undetectable cabling. For audio, they’ve developed the Sound+ Soundbar with subwoofer, complementing their line of flat and curved units both acoustically and aesthetically. 

Interior Designers can now embrace technology in design with OLED TVs that are beautiful, both on and off.  So, which is right for you?  Give us a call – we’ll help you navigate OLED!