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OvrC Enables Ultimate Client Experience for Service and Support

Revolutionary 24/7/365 remote management of your residential and commercial networks

OvrC Enables Ultimate Client Experience for Service and Support

Technologies are getting smarter, and so are the technologies that support them. We at Automation Design + Entertainment pride ourselves in offering the very best in proven system design and installation. We are also proud of the outstanding customer service we provide to support our systems, making sure they are performing at their peak. We can remotely manage networks to address unforeseen issues as well as support clients that desire upgrading their systems with new devices or uploading the latest firmware update. The OvrC platform makes this possible.

A revolutionary support platform has been developed for custom integrators that enables us to remotely manage, configure, and troubleshoot devices on your network. Fittingly named OvrC (oversee), the cloud-based remote management platform allows us to gain insights into your network for remote diagnosis and issue resolution. This service can potentially avoid costly and disruptive service calls. Committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service possible, we enthusiastically adopted this service model so that we may provide our clients unparalleled service and support. 

We understand you need to be able to rely on your network and its various connected devices, both at home and in your business, and that interruptions in service are frustrating. With OvrC’s comprehensive support systems, however, we can manage everything from your home theater to a large-scale commercial networking infrastructure, keeping everything running smoothly.

In your home

You’re hosting a watch party of Sunday’s big Detroit Lion’s game and the network goes down. Sound familiar? Well, with a ProCare Maintenance Plan with robust OvrC capabilities, the fix may be as simple as opening your personalized phone app and touching an icon to reset it yourself in minutes! For more complex issues, chances are we’ve already been alerted and are remotely troubleshooting it before you’ve had a chance to touch the call button from your app. OvrC provides us with exceptional support so that we, in turn, can provide you with incomparable support and customer service. This short video demonstrates how easy it is to access support. 

In your business

Network disruptions and downtime are costly to your overall business operations. OvrC enables you to stay focused on your business while we “oversee” your systems in real-time, maximizing your uptime and minimizing revenue loss. Remote troubleshooting and issue resolution help avoid disruptive service calls. Should an on-site service call be required however, we’ll be better informed and equipped to quickly resolve the problem.

Better, faster, easier

OvrC is the latest enhancement added to an already powerful line-up of support offerings available to us at Automation Design + Entertainment. Our ProCare Maintenance Plans are offered for both residential and commercial clients and feature a range of support, preventative and proactive features. We can provide you with: 

  • Proactive support
  • Preventative maintenance visits
  • Expedited trouble resolution for less disruptions in service and minimized service calls
  • Mobile management – A personalized app that lets you fix common issues and manage your network at your convenience. Contact methods available at your fingertip.
  • Remote Firmware updates –the latest software updates/upgrades to your devices remotely
  • 24/7/365 support via phone, text, email and chat by qualified technicians
  • Parental guidance content control

We are constantly striving to provide you with the best possible long-term client experience and service at the lowest possible cost. For us, there is no better investment than in providing you with reliable systems that keep your home and business up and running. Call us to learn more about the benefits of having Automation Design + Entertainment “OvrC” YOUR network!

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