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Regaining Peace of Mind

Regaining Peace of Mind

Personal safety and security. It’s weighing on everyone’s mind. Whenever we send our children off on the school bus, attend a crowded sporting event, sit alongside our neighbors in our house of worship, join our families in our own living rooms, or enter our credit card information for an online order; more and more we are feeling vulnerable to crime. What can we do to safeguard ourselves and our families?

Your first line of defense is to be aware. Be alert to your surroundings, conscious of your vulnerabilities and take steps to ensure the personal safety of your family, employees, clients and community. Take a proactive approach by installing a surveillance camera system. Visible cameras are an excellent deterrent for would-be criminals and can provide critical evidence should a crime be committed. A monitored system is invaluable, especially when tied in to a comprehensive life-safety and security system that includes smoke detectors, glass-break and motion detectors and one button call capabilities to police, fire and paramedics.

Deterring Crimes

Lighting control and automated shades also prove an effective deterrent. Interior and exterior lighting can be programmed to mimic home occupancy, whether you’re at the grocery store or traveling abroad. Tied in to your camera system, lights can be triggered when motion is sensed with alerts and even video sent to your smart phone.  Exterior lighting can also be programmed to flash during an emergency event, alerting first responders instantly to your location. And, regardless of whether it’s your home, house of worship or shopping center, light is crimes’ worst enemy. 

Network Health

Aside from our physical safety, with the holidays fast approaching and many of us shopping with our keyboards, cyber security is another concern. Again, be smart, be cautious and take steps to ensure the security of your networks, both at home and in your business. If your infrastructure is outdated, don’t put off that upgrade until the new year.

Be Proactive and Prepared

Finally, have a plan in place. What will you do in your home or place of business in the event of a fire or an active shooter? Does everyone know how to alert authorities, access fire extinguishers, engage automated door locks, etc.? Take the time to check your community’s resources and formulate a plan. If you are interested in having a complimentary assessment of your security or infrastructure systems, please contact us and we’ll get it scheduled. 

Please share links to any resources you’ve found to be valuable from your school, our local police and fire departments, etc. Together, we can make our community a safer place.

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Meta: Protecting ourselves, families, employees and customers from physical danger and cyber crimes is a growing concern, Here are some proactive measures to keep your safe.

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