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Smart Home Basics: Locks 101

What better place to start with smart home tech than securing your home?

Smart Home Basics: Locks 101

Unless you’re one of the few people who use their front door instead of their garage as your preferred entrance, or if you somehow never forget to lock the door behind you on the way out – smart locks or a smart garage might just be the perfect place for you to begin implementing smart technology into your home.

Smart technology, paired with a number of smartphone and tablet apps, allow you 24/7 access of your home and who’s allowed in it – whether you just pulled out of the driveway, or you’re already at the office. Much more secure than leaving your spare key under the mat, this constant control eases a number of security concerns.

Three key features to account for when purchasing a smart lock are keyless entry, remote locking and alert options. Smart locks will trigger an alert to your smartphone whenever someone uses their code – which is why recommends assigning each permitted user their own unique code. Worried about a forgetful family member losing their code? No worries; you’ll always have the ability to lock and unlock your door remotely. What’s more, some locks also feature reminders so that you never forget to lock your door or close your garage, and some even come equipped with a video doorbell feature.

If you’re looking for added security, smart locks and smart garages can easily be integrated into your home security system. Automatically trigger your security system to turn on, even turn the front porch lights on, from your automated app. Apps, like’s, can even alert you if you leave without closing the garage, thanks to GPS tracking. Image sensors in your garage to track movement and video camera recordings of your front door whenever it’s opened are also added security features mentioned by

Regardless of which smart home security technology you think is right for you, make sure you pair it with a professionally-monitored security system, and rest assured that your family (and belongings) are safe. Learn more about automated door locks and entry systems on our home security page and click-through to our interactive smart security page.

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