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Smart tech spikes in new home construction

With millennials now purchasing their own homes, is smart home technology just another trend – or is it here to stay?

According to a recent survey by Houzz, “first-time home buyers and millennials are more likely than any other group to prioritize smart home technology in new houses and renovations.”

All over the country, new developments are popping up with the latest and greatest features. This one in Texas, for example, is already planning on how to implement technology decades into the future. New fiber networks for faster internet speeds, interactive outdoor technology and entertainment, as well as neighborhood safety and infrastructure have become commonplace in home design – and it seems to be at the top of the millennial wish list. 

For those who aren’t looking for new construction, the Houzz findings show an interesting trend in the prioritization of smart technology during home renovations. In fact, one-third of recent home buyers are investing in some form of smart technology in their homes, and most are hiring the pros to do so. 

This trend is good news for both home buyers and integration professionals. Home automation technology is more available now than ever, and the increase in demand only allows for more creative innovation. With more home owners spending more to get the most out of their homes, smart home technology has the opportunity to provide the epitome of style, comfort and safety. 

There seems to be a bit of reservation, however, when homeowners consider the safety of having so many connected-home devices. According to Twice, customers who purchase smart technology consistently opt for support services to protect their hardware from hackers. When integrating any kind of smart home technology into your home, it’s best to consult with the pros who can offer you a consultation on what will best fit your needs and optimize your tech’s potential, without compromising safety.