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The Home-Field Advantage

Why go out to the sports bar, when you could build one in your own home?

If a crowded sports bar, or the image of your friends and family all fighting to see the same screen come to mind when you think of college football season in Michigan, it’s time for you to consider bringing the stadium to your home. With the right system, the best seat for the Michigan game is in your own home. 

Put your guests in a game mood by creating the ultimate in-home experience. Fill your entertainment space with comfy furniture and use your favorite team memorabilia to adorn the walls. Immerse your guests in game day by bringing the sights and sounds of the stadium into your home with a large projection screen and high-definition projector or massive flat screen. 

You’ll never have to worry about finding a good seat or tracking down a restaurant playing your game, and you definitely won’t have to worry about the opposing team’s fans sitting next to you. Your in-home stadium can be customized around your favorite team colors and memorabilia to create the ultimate sports experience, complete with color-coordinated acoustic paneling and complementary theater seating. This level of personalization, paired with the best in audio and video, can make every Saturday game, a game to remember.

And if fantasy sports are more of a “high-stakes pursuit” than just a hobby for you, consider integrating multiple screens so you can view multiple games at once – ensuring you never miss a play. Toggle between audio and screen views at the touch of a button, and have the advantage of live-tracking stats. 

And the options aren’t just limited to your permanent home. Consider taking your dedication on the road and deck out a mobile home like these Auburn football fans, so that you always have the home-field advantage. Or if travelling isn’t your thing, consider building the epitome of fandom, like this Cubs fan did.