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The Soundbar. A Great Audio and Design Solution

The Soundbar. A Great Audio and Design Solution

As the choices in mounting options for TVs grows, so do the challenges in speaker placement. Today’s thin, lightweight displays can be mounted virtually anywhere; above the mantle, above an entertainment console, or on an open wall. So, where do you place the speakers? While in-walls offer an elegant solution, installing them is not always an option. Enter the soundbar and its versatile installation and feature options. 

Many leading audio manufacturers offer a soundbar, an all-in-one speaker system that delivers high-quality audio without requiring the space of a home theater receiver and surround sound speaker system. Mounted or placed below your display, they offer exceptional sound and stunning design. A remarkable improvement to your TV’s speakers, the soundbar features a center channel and often a full LCR (left, center and right channels) experience. Some are designed to be paired with surround speakers and a subwoofer while others replicate full surround sound. 

Connectivity, control and quality are prevalent across today’s models, offering conveniences such as music streaming, wireless connectivity and simple IR learning for integrated control through your current remote. The Sonos Playbar, for example, features Trueplay software that measures the room and fine tunes the sound to fit and fill the space. Playbar is a versatile unit that makes games, movies, sports and music come alive!

Always the pinnacle of elegance, B&W’s Panorama 2 delivers truly immersive high-quality sound from a single, exceptionally exquisite, speaker. The design casts a wide dispersion for an expanded ‘family-wide” listening area. Its HDMI connectivity allows multiple devise inputs and convenient on-screen information display for integrated remote control.

Triad has an extensive array of options ranging in size and capabilities. They offer micro and mini LCR’s as well as a micro 3-in-1 speaker designed for use with shallow flat-panel televisions. New to their line-up is their on-wall Mini LCR 3.0 SE (Special Edition), offering “unparalleled” performance with 3 separate audiophile speaker systems integrated into one sleek, acoustiperf-grilled package. 

Bose’s slim soundbar, the SoundTouch 300, boasts a technology-packed low-profile speaker that pumps out big sound. It features QuietPort technology that eliminates distortion, allowing deep, rich bass. 

Custom fit & finish

Sonance offers its soundbar with an exclusive, patent-pending adjustable-width design that perfectly matches your 50”-80” display. Sonance’s minimalist, industrial design complements any décor and, paired with Sonance surround speakers and subwoofer, the sound is perfection.

Leon, a pioneer in custom speaker solutions with an eye for design and ear for performance, offers customized soundbars to perfectly match the width and finish of any TV.

The Dolby Atmos and DTS:X dimension

Dolby Atmos has set the “bar” even higher. Dolby Atmos technology “frees” sound from its channels for heightened impact by enabling finer control of individual sounds. Through strategically positioned speakers, sounds move around the listener from every dimension for an immersive, life-like experience. A select few manufacturers now offer Dolby Atmos in their soundbars. 

Sony answered the call with a 7.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X TM Soundbar and subwoofer system that claims its 3-dimensional, accurately positioned 360º surround sound will take your breath away. We don’t doubt that it will. 

On-wall or on console, wireless and Bluetooth, surround sound or Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, the choices are endless but all are great solutions for incredible audio and gorgeous design. Give us a call, we’ll help determine the best features and solutions for your overall system requirements, connectivity, control and space.