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What’s My Line?

At AD+E, we are often asked, “What is it, exactly, that you do”? In some professions, that’s a simple, straightforward answer. For us, it’s not so easy. Remember the iconic mid-century “What’s My Line”?  How many clues would it take to uncover the role of an integrator?  It might be easier to say what we’re not.

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As a CEDIA Pro, we are an Electronics Systems Contractor.  Others refer to us as a Technologies Systems Integrator.  We also have areas of specialization, such as a Home Theater Designer.  And some call us a Residential Systems Integration Firm.  Have you ever heard of those on career day?  Hollywood gives us a bad rap (White House Down , the bad guys pose as AV Installers!)  Wow, really?!  For what we do, there’s rarely a drop-down selection in the industry field that comes close because what we do is deliver the life you’ve dreamed of.  Really.

We integrate your home’s systems to perfectly operate as one – your climate, audio, video, security, lighting, shading…all automated, to your comfort and for your enjoyment.  Our team masterfully makes the components work as one – that’s the secret to simplifying everything on your end.  Simple, elegant, entertainment.

As CEDIA pros, we believe life is best lived at home, simply. And that’s who we are.  We craft the personal home experience that delivers the life you’ve dreamed of for yourself and your family. A life lived best at home.  So, what is it that we do? We make the complicated simple. We put the lights on and open the shades. Yes, we do windows. More importantly, we let you know when the kids are home, and keep you comfortable and entertained. 

How do we do it?  We listen.  If you asked an architect to design a house, what would it look like?  What would it be made of, how many rooms would it have, does it have a big kitchen?  They’d start with a few questions: tell me about your style, your kids, what you enjoy doing together, do you enjoy cooking?  The same holds true for the technologies inside. They complement your lifestyle and make your house your home.  And that’s what we do. We’re listening.