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Wireless Surveillance Adds Security to your Michigan Home

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Wireless Surveillance Adds Security to your Michigan Home

For many people looking for ways that smart technology can improve their home, wireless surveillance is a starting point. Smart homes throughout Michigan have started small, with an affordable, easy to use security camera system that allows the homeowner to keep track of all aspects in and around their home for an added sense of safety. Wireless systems are especially appealing to those who want to stay in-the-know without the obtrusive wires and heavy duty back-up storage systems. And while these types of set ups have their benefits, today’s technology allows for a minimally intrusive installation that won’t break the bank. Here are some reasons why a wireless surveillance system could be the perfect solution for your home:

Gain Peace of Mind while you’re Away

One of the most common reasons home owners will invest in a home security system is to make sure that everything is ok when they’re out of the house. The right wireless surveillance installation can stream all the information right to your tablet or smart device whether you’re at the office, out shopping or picking up the kids from soccer practice. There’s virtually nowhere you can go where you won’t have a real-time view of what’s going on at your house.

Plus many systems offer apps that allow you to control your camera from a mobile device, which means your shot doesn’t have to be fixed in one place. Remote control options are available and some even offer communication features to make staying in touch easier and more convenient.

Keep Track of the Kids and Pets

Sometimes is what’s inside your house, not around it that’s most important. By installing a surveillance camera in the baby’s room, you can have a video baby monitor to make sure everything is ok. Think the dog might be sneaking food off the kitchen counter? Keep an eye on him when you’re out of the house. Want to know when the kids get home from school? A front hall installation will take care of that. With a wireless surveillance system, there’s no more guessing and worrying – it’s all at your fingertips.

And don’t think you have to settle for the grainy, low quality image of years past. Most systems offer HD video that provides a crisp, clear picture no matter where you are.

Choose How You Store Your Information

If you’re worried that a security camera system will be cumbersome or take up too much space, there are plenty of alternatives to the old fashioned backup storage systems. Today’s video can be stored remotely in an offsite server or in the cloud for easy access. You can even combine the different ways of storing information so that you can be confident that you’ll never miss a frame.

Are you ready to get your wireless surveillance system started – and take the first steps to home automation in your Michigan house? Contact us to begin the process today.