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Articles tagged with: Home Theater

A Legendary Home Theater Experience

A Legendary Home Theater Experience

Wow. You’ve stepped out of the movie theater having watched the blockbuster action film of the year. Your heart is pounding, your head is reeling. For the past 2 hours you were completely immersed, enveloped in the film. Every sight, every sound, perfectly orchestrated to put you at the center of the action. So, how did they do it and how can you replicate this immersive experience in your home theater

While you might have been drawn into the action through its stunning image quality, seeing details previously unseen, the same holds true for the audio. Whether DTS:X technology, Auro 3D or Dolby Atmos, 3D sound systems are bringing a new dimension to movies, gaming, television and music by adding a multi-dimensional level of realism.

TAGS: 3D audio | Dolby Atmos | DTS:X | home theater | IMAX | immersive audio | surround sound

Dedicated Digital Entertainment, Today’s Home Theater

Dedicated Digital Entertainment, Today’s Home Theater

Our choices in digital entertainment are growing at an unprecedented rate, outpaced only by the quality of the content. Is your home theater or media room making the most of the high definition audio and video available? With Thanksgiving Day football fast approaching and summer blockbusters available for streaming, now is a great time to upgrade or add your home theater!

Whether you’re an avid sports fan, movie buff or gamer, a dedicated home theater is an exceptional space for home entertainment. And with technologies like Dolby Atmos and Sony 4K projectors, enjoying the sights and sounds in a room specifically designed for hi-performance audio and video create the ultimate entertainment experience!

TAGS: custom seating | dedicated home theater | Dolby Atmos | home automation | Home Cinema | Home Theater | Home Theater design and installation | Laser Projector | smart home

A Viewing Experience that Transports You to The Stadium

A Viewing Experience that Transports You to The Stadium

Throughout the year, sports fans huddle in living rooms around their televisions, cheering on their favorite team. This summer is no exception. With the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the US Open and the College World Series all taking place, a prime audio-video setup is key for the most immersive, bright and connected viewing experience.

TAGS: FIFA World Cup | Grand Rapids | Holland MI | Home Theater | Kalamazoo | LCD | LED | Media Room | OLED | Outdoor AV | Watching Sports | Weatherproof TV | West Michigan

The Home-Field Advantage

Why go out to the sports bar, when you could build one in your own home?

If a crowded sports bar, or the image of your friends and family all fighting to see the same screen come to mind when you think of college football season in Michigan, it’s time for you to consider bringing the stadium to your home. With the right system, the best seat for the Michigan game is in your own home. 

TAGS: College Football | fantasy football | game day | home entertainment | Home Theater | media room | sports bar | sports fanatic