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Articles tagged with: Media room

How to Build a Gamer’s Room

How to Build a Gamer’s Room

Today’s gamers realize their physical surroundings help them become more immersed in the game environment and look beyond just a fast PC to gain a competitive edge. Multiple screens, curved screens or large screens with stunning imagery and super-fast refresh rates, draw them into the action. Backlit displays add drama and subtle room lighting. Quality sound systems coupled with acoustical treatments delve the gamer into the realm while specialized seating reduces fatigue, adding to the experience. 

Of course, the essentials begin with a powerful PC or Gaming Console couple with a robust network, but it’s the entire environment that puts them in the middle of the action.

TAGS: 4K | Gamer | gamer’s room | gaming console | gaming room | Grand Rapids | immersive audio | Kalamazoo | Media room | Sony | West Michigan Luxury Home

A Viewing Experience that Transports You to The Stadium

A Viewing Experience that Transports You to The Stadium

Throughout the year, sports fans huddle in living rooms around their televisions, cheering on their favorite team. This summer is no exception. With the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the US Open and the College World Series all taking place, a prime audio-video setup is key for the most immersive, bright and connected viewing experience.

TAGS: FIFA World Cup | Grand Rapids | Holland MI | Home Theater | Kalamazoo | LCD | LED | Media Room | OLED | Outdoor AV | Watching Sports | Weatherproof TV | West Michigan

What You Need To Know About Furniture for AV Storage and Wire Management

What You Need To Know About Furniture for AV Storage and Wire Management

Technologies for today’s homes and offices are sleek, contemporary and elegant. Some elements, such as touch panels, custom-framed LED displays and speakers that look as incredible as they sound, are meant to be seen. But then there’s the behind-the-scenes components; the receivers, amplifiers, switchers…all the things with the blinking lights and shiny knobs that you may choose to either showcase or hide away. Either way, they all live somewhere and that somewhere has specific requirements.

TAGS: AV furniture Kalamazoo | cable management | entertainment center | equipment rack | head end | media center | media room | media storage | rack design | wire management media storage

The Home-Field Advantage

Why go out to the sports bar, when you could build one in your own home?

If a crowded sports bar, or the image of your friends and family all fighting to see the same screen come to mind when you think of college football season in Michigan, it’s time for you to consider bringing the stadium to your home. With the right system, the best seat for the Michigan game is in your own home. 

TAGS: College Football | fantasy football | game day | home entertainment | Home Theater | media room | sports bar | sports fanatic